PPC Agency In Birmingham

As qualified Google Partners, Essential have access to a wide range of tools and expertise to help your business make the most out of everything Google Ads has to offer.

Four Steps to Success

1) Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential to understand the focus and goals of a campaign. A tailor made keyword selection will form a strong basis towards the journey of leads and conversions.

2) Build

New Google Adwords campaigns are amalgamated from detailed research and analysis of what your Ads require. This is based around keyword research, spend and results.

3) Optimise

We regularly assess Google Adwords campaigns to ensure that they are maximising spend and quality score, resulting in an efficient strategy for each client.

4) Analyse, Adapt, Refine

Analysing results day by day ensures that budgets are each being spent on keywords and ads that lead to conversions, rather than  being wasted. We refine campaigns to achieve widespread results.

We focus on Lead Generation

Effective lead generation using Google Ads relies on correct strategies rather than solely bidding on keywords!
For example we have a list of 19 strategies for Google Adwords remarketing. This smart and targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) will increase sales and reduce costs.

Case Study

Storrs Hall

30% more online booking
Storrs Hall needed to increase room bookings to meet room capacity and secure advanced wedding bookings in the highly competitive Lake District region. By implementing Smart PPC techniques we have significantly increased room bookings and wedding reservations.
Air Spectrum

20+ Enquires per Month
An incredibly niche business that’s difficult to market, our PPC strategy targeted ‘difficult to find’ new customers to generate a significant increase in enquiries.
Limes Hotel

20+ Enquires per Month
The Limes need to raise awareness and increase bookings. We now have PPC strategies that expose the Limes to everone who visits their local competitors and have increased bookings.

Why Choose us?

  • Transparent – Weekly or Monthly online meeting using screensharing
  • Qualified – Completed all Google exams
  • Experience – We have managed over £1,000,000 worth of PPC
  • Team – 10 team members
  • Account Manager – Dedicated account manager for your account

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