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We will explain these powerful insights and show you how to use them to take your website traffic to the next level

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  • 9.30am
  • Thursday 19th March 2020
  • 137 Golden Cross Lane, Bromsgrove, B61 0LA
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These events are a cumulation of all things digital. Being a full service agency we have access to tools and data that are usually kept behind closed doors. We are giving you access to these tools, explaining the data and helping plan how to take your website to the next level.

Hands On

The sessions are very hands on, we give you access to the data, explain the insight that the data gives you and show you how to use that insight to increase traffic to your website.

You Will Receive:

We will give you lots of great insights into your current website:

  • Top 100 Keywords in Google
  • Pages with Highest Traffic
  • Your Websites Best Backlinks
  • Keyword Targeted Content

We explain these insights... show you how to use them... to take your website and digital marketing to the next level

Testimonials from Attendees

It was a pleasure to attend the Insight Workshop at Essential Marketer, listening to others from diverse industries and the experience within the room. It was particularly helpful to have access to your experienced staff after the event and discuss in more depth our requirements. We hope to be working with you in the future.

The Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Workshop was an informative and engaging session. It was great to refresh what I already knew about SEO but also gain new insights. Having a 1 to 1 session with a consultant, to apply the principals to our HR support services website, was extremely beneficial. The team were all so welcoming and friendly. I left the session feeling inspired and motivated to tackle our website to make it work harder for us.

Gilli Osbourne, AHR Consultants

“I found the session at Essential Marketer extremely interesting and very informative. Various aspects of SEO were covered in depth, from the basics to more complex topics, sharing actionable tips to implement instant improvements to our site. Staff were friendly, patient and professional, making the workshop a pleasure to attend. Would 100% recommend and am looking forward to future opportunities.”

Verity Hudson, Hewett Recruitment

There’s nothing scarier than the three letters S E O. Especially for a small- to medium -sized business. So, it was a relief to attend the workshop day at Essential Marketer. The MD, Steve, spent the morning shining a light on the ‘dark arts’ and giving the group a clearer understanding of how SEO actually works. This included straightforward strategies for planning content that will make a difference. He also unmasked backlinking, which is often portrayed as more complicated than quantum physics. It was a real eye-opener. I feel positive about going forwards with improving the company website. The afternoon’s one-to-one session with one of Essential’s experts gave me a great opportunity to go into more detail. It was great to see how the theory could be put to work on our website and where we can make easy gains. Really useful day. Thanks everyone at Essential (especially for the goody bag)!

The Insights Workshop was incredibly valuable to me and my business. It pointed out a number of flaws in the way I was thinking about digital marketing. I came away from it and spent most of the next two days in marketing strategy meetings with my team, coming up with a plan to implement the lessons learnt. I’m really excited to get things moving, to adapt our web presence and create a springboard for growth.”

Stuart Tombs, TLA Business Services

I would like to thank Steve and his team at Essential Marketing for their hospitality at the recent seminar they hosted. I found this really insightful and mind blowing! This seminar made me realise what we could be doing to make it more effective for our clients and those who use it. The things I took away from this seminar I have started to apply to our website. Steve really helped by providing links to useful websites so that we can analyse our website and how to improve our SEO!

Sheung-Kin Chan, No5 Barristers Chambers

Despite having a good technical knowledge of websites I, like many others, find the dark art of SEO a bit of a mystery. However, it became clear very quickly that the guys at Essential really know their stuff. They produced a very impressive report on exactly how our website is performing now along with a host of improvements that we could put in place to enhance this. I am sure that we will be talking to them again in the future.

A great event, I really appreciated the time that the team have put into the day and making the content tailored to our business. The main takeaway from the day for me was a clearer understanding of the effects of backlink use and a variety of tools to help monitor our progress going forwards. I would highly recommend the event to anyone seeking a deeper insight into the success of their website.

Cara Evans, About Keytracker

I thought I’d give the workshop a try, hoping to pick up one or two tips. What I received was a gold mine of useful information - time very well spent. I learnt about the latest SEO developments, a logical website structure and the best free web analytics tools. If you’re looking for more confidence in your digital strategy I would recommend attending this event.

The session spent at Essential Marketer was a fantastic insight into the workings of our website and how it fits into the changing digital landscape. I learnt a lot of tips to take away which I have implemented straight away on to our website but it was also extremely useful to see the bigger picture and to learn about how our website can perform even better according to what Google wants. Its well worth any business going along to find out how they can improve their online presence.

Adam Snelleksz, CMA Video

I attended the Essential Marketer SEO Workshop and found the session very interesting and useful. We spent some time going through the delegates’ websites using the agency’s online platform – which seemed very simple to use. We then had one-on-one sessions with an Account Manager to run through how our individual websites were performing and they highlighted areas of improvement. For Johnsons we discussed backlinks, website page headings and creating specific content – all of which I understood and found relevant. The team was friendly and approachable and I would consider using them as a SEO agency to help me improve the websites I manage.

Kate Kinson, Johnsons Coaches

I very much enjoyed this relaxed and informative session. It was really interesting to be given an overview of Essential's approach to SEO, and particularly useful to follow that with a review of my own organisation's website to see how the theory might be put into practice. To come out of a workshop with a tailored set of recommendations for our site was fantastic and I feel armed to begin making improvements straight away. It was also great to meet peers from the digital marketing field and the content was pitched at just the right level for the people in the room.

I found the training extremely interesting and informative, a totally new insight into digital marketing that I’d not come across before. Certainly something that a company such as ours, and most companies out there, would hugely benefit from and could revolutionise our marketing. Thanks again to the team for their time and effort!

Meghan Jordan, Summit Systems

The Essential Marketer SEO seminar is a must for people wanting to understand SEO and take their digital strategy to the next level. The team is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of SEO and their simple step by step guide and practical examples using our website really helped us to understand the process. The analytics portal they provided showing how our website performs is very insightful and together with what we learnt on the day means we can start implementing changes to get results. We will definitely be seeing how Essential Marketer can help us further in the future.

I visited Essential Marketer recently as part of a free website audit they kindly conducted on the Willowbrook website. The audit that was carried out was insightful and contained useful information which was very helpful. All the team at Essential Marketer was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable, I would have no hesitation in recommending their digital services.

The Essential Marketer team are ultra professional. I enjoyed the workshop; it gave us a bespoke insight into our current SEO and most importantly highlighted areas that could be improved.

Essential Marketing offered an insightful step-by step guide on the do’s and don’ts for updating our company website. My one-on-one session with Steve allowed me to get an in-depth look at our website’s statistics, while gaining useful advice on how best to drive traffic to our new i-drive Motor Controls product pages.

Lucy Smallwood Rose, Craig & Derricott

The Essential Marketer seminar is a must attend event for anyone serious about taking their online marketing to the next level. Every member of the team is highly knowledgeable, approachable and more than happy to answer questions. The day is packed full of information and you’ll leave with actionable ideas that can make an immediate impact.

I didn’t know quite what to expect on this course but learned more about digital marketing and search engine ranking in a few hours than I could have imagined.  Presented clearly and in a way that is easy to apply to your own organisation’s online presence, I came away with some useful practical tips that I am now putting into action.  As the training was delivered to a small group, there was the chance to test our own website which is, of course, what we are all really interested in.  This was an engaging and practical course that I would recommend to anyone wanting to know more about this topic.  The lunch was excellent too!

Caroline Clay, Penderels Trust

It was a pleasure to attend the recent ‘Plan, Build & Promote Online’ workshop at Essential. This very knowledgeable and customer focussed company, afforded their time to help marketing professionals, understand the ever changing world of web site requirements and google rating mechanisms. It was amazing how much information they imparted in such a short period of time, and how well they delivered the volume of useful hints to improve the structure of our sites, the design of pages and our marketing efforts in the future.

The Insights Workshop was incredibly helpful. There are lots of blurred lines in the world of SEO and the session helped cut through all of that. It really opened my eyes into the workings of Google and how many things can be done to get your on and offsite SEO working to maximum benefit. The afternoon session, with an SEO Consultant, was particularly helpful. We spent time working through our site’s keywords and I was able to take away some quick wins to get us started back in the office. I’d highly recommend the day, even if you think you are already well versed in SEO as there’s always something new to learn!

Louise Roden, Birmingham Solicitors

The day provided a great deal of insight in to the ‘dark arts’ of SEO work that although I understood broadly I did not know the intricate details that could help me improve our website. The detail and insights the team provided have really helped to implement changes into our digital and website planning. It really helped to go through the details of our SEO with an expert in the field, small changes such as creating the right headings and descriptions will really help our SEO.

Tristan Johnston, Vehicle Lifts

The Westbourne Centre is a niche cosmetic surgery clinic specialising in procedures such as breast augmentation, facelifts and liposuction. Our website is an essential lead generation tool for us and by attending the digital strategy course, I was hoping to get help and advice as to how to improve the website to increase the number of enquiries that we get. Steve and his team were extremely knowledgeable and were able to provide insight into areas that I could focus on that would help to improve our presence online. I came away with lots of food for thought and a plan of action for moving forward. I really enjoyed the course and I hope I get to work with the team again in the future

Sarah Taylor, The Westbourne Centre

Essential Marketer obviously know their stuff but more than that they can put it across in terms which makes it all accessible and understandable.

Robert Hall, Sayfa Systems UK

I recently attended a Workshop at Essential Marketer as I wanted some guidance on running our PPC campaigns. Having a professional ad agency to review our Adwords account, offer recommendations and feedback on how we can improve our traffic and conversions was fantastic. As a Charity supporting Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospitals – budgets and time are our two main barriers. The way Essential Marketer understood the nature of our business and offered simple, cheap solutions was something I was happy and grateful for. Since following their advice, my conversions increased and cost-per-click reduced. I consider them as a breath of fresh air and recommend them to fellow charitable organisations.

What I learnt from the day During the morning course kindly given to us by the Essential Marketer, we had a sit down with Steve who showed us the basics behind SEO and Google AdWords/Search terms used daily. This prompted a huge wakeup call behind our own methods of search we use at Synapse, and how we can better reach our desired target market, or how our webpage is not optimised enough for SEO and Google to find us easily. By using various tools in advance, Steve showed me how our website was analysed for how well it performs as is, and the issues we need to address if we wish to compete and be more visible than we currently are. The array of tools used made this visual, in depth, clear, broken down into statistics and rankings of importance for what needs to be immediately addressed or resolved. I would highly recommend the team if you are having any website difficulties, as well as the invaluable advice they gave about up to date best practices in the industry today.

Indy Khaira, Synapse

“Such an insightful few hours with Essential Marketer. The insights workshop was invaluable, providing us with many areas for improvement. Both the group sessions and 1:1’s were excellent and the hospitality very much appreciated. We hope to be working with Essential Marketer in the future.”

Louise Driscoll, Head of Marketing, Channel Central

“I was unaware of the importance of the keyword list. Two years ago people approach me in a cafe asking me where do I get the laptop stand from. I thought I write a review about it and where to get it. After attending the workshop on the 10th October 2018 I learnt that I need to bid for the keywords that people actually use to search for what they want on Google. My website should have keywords such as ergonomic mouse reviews, ergonomic chair reviews etc so I thank Essential Marketer for educating me on this.“

Pierre Jason, Mister Middleman

“If you are looking to enhance your website performance I would 100% recommend attending Essential Marketer SEO workshop. It gave a detailed insight to the areas we need to improve, helping us to implement these changes into our company. The team were very friendly and very knowledgeable, spending plenty of time to go through all the questions we had in regards to SEO and Keywords, focusing on our industry.“

Aimee Farley-Higgs , HeadTurner Search

“We’d like to thank Essential Marketer for inviting us to their recent website insights workshop. From SEO basics to an in-depth look at our own website using Essential Marketer’s in-house tools, we learnt a lot from the session. It was particularly helpful to engage with other marketers attending the workshop and review each other’s websites together. We’d recommend the workshop to anyone who has an interest in improving organic traffic to their website.“

Rob Tribe, Digital Marketing Officer, University Of Gloucestershire

Insights Workshop: Emily from Essential Marketer contacted me about their free workshop on SEO, and although I usually decline SEO marketing this felt very different. They are local and offer in-person workshops for free which helped me enormously to understand SEO for my website and how to increase my google ranking via factors I knew very little about, such as trust scores, backlinks etc. The presentation was carried out by the Director within a small group and he was not pushing their business during the talk, which was a nice change. After breaking for lunch I had a one on one chat with Raj, a specialist who had already analysed my website and suggested changes free of charge. I would highly recommend their services and I am currently engaged with them to further improve my website and ranking

Big thanks to the guys at Essential Marketer for putting on a superb event. I found the breadth of knowledge within the business to be outstanding. The attention to detail of Steve and the team in pulling together a comprehensive and detailed digital strategy was highly impressive. The tailored one-to-one analysis of our website was hugely valuable. I would highly recommend.


  • Planning

    Before you attend one of our events we will use our bespoke tools to conduct all the necessary research including keyword and competitor research. With the additional access of usernames and passwords, webmasters and analytics, we will audit your site before you attend and make sure everything is setup correctly so you can get the most benefit from the event. After all the key to any strategy is ensuring the focus is right from the beginning

  • Building

    If your website is in need of a new build our team are able to help. They specialise in making sure that your site is designed to your needs. If you have an existing site they will use our migration tool to ensure any credibility is carried over to the new site so rankings and traffic is maintained. They work together with our digital marketers to ensure the SEO is built into the site and advise you on the most effective action to take. We also offer post build services such as general maintenance, CMS updates and security

  • Producing

    We help create content that targets consumers at each stage of the purchasing journey so every opportunity is maximised. All content is optimised to include internal hyper-links so users are enticed to click through your website. Whilst on-page meta data such as page titles are also optimised to encourage users to click through on search results.

  • Converting

    Conversion is tracked through the use of in-page analytics where we monitor user interaction and track where traffic is coming from. Tasks such as making sure your site is mobile optimised is particularly important with the fluctuation of mobile traffic in recent years. When we build a website we consider this from the offset, making sure there is ease of navigation for users and strong call to actions.

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