Design Agency Birmingham

Leading edge design – whether it’s digital or print – is at the forefront of your company’s brand. How your clients see you, how your ethos and values are represented is a major part of your marketing, and this is why it’s so important to us.

Nestled by the Lickey Hills just minutes outside of Birmingham, Essential Marketer is a design agency with a difference. We’ve thrown out the standard ‘design agency’ philosophy, challenged the way we think and work on a client’s design project with clear divergent thinking applied to all our design projects however large or small.


Going beyond the brief

From the outset our design team will not only seek to understand your needs from the initial brief, but will seek to get under the skin of your company to truly understand the image you want to portray, understanding your values, aspirations and overall aims – to not only fulfil the brief requirements, but to go beyond the brief.

As a leading design agency in Birmingham, Essential Marketer works on projects across multiple sectors from small one-off designs through to larger campaigns cutting across both digital and print design. Our full portfolio of design services include:

  • Graphic Design
    Creating unique visual design solutions for digital and print projects
  • Website Design
    Creating stunning user friendly websites which generate great conversion
  • Logo Design
    Creating inspired logos that truly represent your company’s brand
  • Print Design
    Creating imaginative print designs to support your overall marketing

Digital Design


We approach design from a different angle to most design agencies. Conversion is always our goal. We don’t make the mistakes many design agencies do – compromising usability over extreme designs; we prefer to design a website that is user friendly with a design that guides the user through the site in an easily digestible way.

Email Marketing

Having well designed templates is one of the core factors behind the success of an email marketing campaign. Whether it’s a basic email text template, a more sophisticated HTML template or a skilfully designed infographic, our design agency team in Birmingham will support this.

Landing Pages

Pay Per Click can be a huge investment for a business to make. A common mistake companies tend to make is directing traffic to a weak landing page with call to actions in the wrong place or in the worst case, not there at all. Our design team will work with you to produce PPC landing pages with a purpose – to get conversions!

Print Design

From brochures, leaflets, pop-up banners, posters and much more our design team will work with you to produce marketing collateral to support your overall marketing efforts combining style with sophisticated imagery to produce the look and feel that’s right for your business.

From brief to delivery

Whether the design is digital or print, our approach involves you the client every step of the way. For more detailed projects like web design our initial work involves user research and focus groups to find out exactly what users want to see, bringing in lots of different ideas and eclectic thought processes. During each stage of the project our team will provide a seamless integration with your suppliers to ensure a consistent approach is achieved to deliver great results to you, the client.

Get in touch to find out more about our design services, call us on 0121 667 8785 or email us via