Media Package

Content – we all know we need it – we probably know why we need it, but not many can truly master producing well written, unique content for the right platforms at the right time, supported by great images and/or video.



The Solution

We provide a sustainable and affordable solution to provide high quality content for use across all your digital channels. Our service enables clients to continuously create content for different mediums to help engage with their target audience.

How it works



We will work with you to understand your exact requirements – getting to know you, your company, your brand values and products and services, tailoring a package to suit you.



We will carry out detailed planning including scripting, storyboards, location planning and much more.  A detailed production schedule will be produced and signed off with you.



The day of the shoot!  An exciting day for all.  We will turn up at the agreed location and, using our planning schedule, will work through everything needed to make the shoot a success.  



Our efficient editing means we can turn rushes into finished video and work through the stills to ensure only the best images reach your desk.  Whilst the initial edit is carried out by us, you will be involved at all stages in the process.



For some this is the hard bit.  Knowing how to get the most out of their new media.  We will build you a content plan which will detail the channels and platforms that would most suit your new media content.  Time to share!

Why you need it?

At the centre of every successful marketing campaign there needs to be high quality collateral. Without this your campaign can become dry and the longevity will be short.


Strategy & Focus

We will create a strategic plan for creating quality video, photographic and written blog content to share across your digital media channels, enabling you to consistently expand your online exposure.

The media package will consist of highly accurate user research to ensure a precise plan is in place to create quality content for the questions your audience are asking.



Your own dedicated media team of experts to ensure your brand is presented in line with your guidelines, and in a highly professional manner throughout the content creation process.



The opportunity to place yourself ahead of the competition by engaging existing and potential customers through content we know they are already looking for.

Time for change…

Creating high quality rich content for your website is something we are sure you know you should be doing, contact us today and discuss how we can help you produce it month on month.

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With our help, you’ll get ahead of your competition

With the ongoing advancements in user searches across Google, YouTube, Vimeo and Social Networks, users are now becoming better at refining searches for what they are looking for. With this, content needs to be more fulfilling and useful when they find it. Content is king; create content that is fit for a king



“Working with Essential’s media team was a pleasure. They produced fantastic ideas and visited all 3 locations in one day. With their help we now use their media content across our online assets.”
Brad Field, Sensory Audio Visual

If you are interested in speaking to our media team about creating content for you and how it could benefit your overall marketing, call us on 0121 667 8785 or email us via