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‘Live’ Content Marketing Case Study

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The Challenge: We’ve set ourselves a challenge to use our new content marketing tool in a ‘live’ test to plan and produce 200 quality, original, on theme articles in 50 days to demonstrate the positive effects that quality articles of 500 – 1,000 words can have on a site’s search engine rankings and social media ‘shares’, ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’.

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The Belief: We are so confident in our new content marketing planning tool, that we are using ourselves as a ‘live’ case study to demonstrate our belief in the tool; we are confident the results will speak for themselves.

The Reason: The reason is simple. There’s a seismic shift taking place in the digital marketing mix that affects everyone with an online presence. The lines between social and SEO have become increasingly blurred and, with the introduction of content marketing, they are now firmly placed under one heading. This, combined with Google’s latest algorithm updates placing increased emphasis on quality, original content, has prompted us to set ourselves this challenge.

10 Reasons YOU Can't Ignore Content Marketing

1. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors Things have changed very rapidly and companies can’t afford to get left behind. During the last 6-12 month there has been an increase in the global ‘noise’ in marketing, SEO and social communities surrounding content marketing which is the latest addition to the digital marketing mix.

2. Obstacles Can be Overcome Lack of resources is often seen as a barrier to effective content marketing. With our content marketing planning tool this is all taken care of – even down to the day to publish the article with the output of a robust strategy and very workable plan. Companies are usually great at producing the reactive 150+ word articles, but asking them to write proactive 500+ or 1,000+ word articles twice a month is when they start to put up obstacles.

3. The Financials Speak for Themselves We’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this challenge as we believe the benefits of well written, quality content far outweighs the financial outlay in producing and coordinating copy. That’s why we’ve produced detailed costs of writing and distributing our 200 articles over 50 days.

4. Google’s Content Updates There’s been an explosion of content over recent years from the smallest to the largest of companies producing content both for their website and social media platforms. This enthusiasm is great, but now everybody’s speaking we’re all left sifting through large volumes of poorly written, low quality meaningless content. That’s why Google is now placing more emphasis on the importance of quality, relevant content and applies a reading level to every page it crawls.

5. No Longer Enough to Have a Presence It’s no longer enough to say you have a website or you’re on social media; they exist for a clear business reason and should not just be seen as a tick on a marketing plan. Using them with a combined online strategy entwined with content marketing and you will soon be reaping the rewards.

6. SEO Needs Content You could have the best looking site above your competitors, but it won’t rank well without the SEO foundations being laid and continuously built on. Good quality content is at the heart of every SEO campaign. The content needs to work together with all the other still very necessary elements of on-page and off-page SEO.

7. Social Needs Content Like SEO, content is at the heart of good social media and can work for any sized company is used strategically with good quality, unique content that’s engaging, relevant and timely and heard above all the ‘noise’.

8. Your Brand Deserves Better With our content planning tool, your brand’s personality and your company’s communication styles will be able to come through in the content that’s written. Your brand will become the story and you will become the storyteller.

9. You Want Google to Like You You want AND need Google to like you. Google won’t like you if you haven’t got anything original to say. Since the Panda Update this has become even more important, but recently it’s not just about originality, but also about focus and quality.

10. Don’t Assume It’s Already Written Many times people are put off writing about a something as they think it’s already been covered by someone else. This may be the case, but more often than not this is not the case and even if it is, then your point of view does count.